Digital bibliography

ICOMOS Education and Training Guidelines (1993)

This bibliography is arranged by reference to the skills listed in the ICOMOS Guidelines. It has been compiled by Ingval Maxwell

  1. Read a monument, ensemble or site and identify its emotional, cultural and use significance;
  2. Understand the history and technology of monuments, ensembles or sites in order to define their identity, plan for their conservation, and interpret the results of this research;
  3. Understand the setting of a monument, ensemble or site, their contents and surroundings, in relation to other buildings, gardens or landscapes;
  4. Find and absorb all available sources of information relevant to the monument, ensemble or site being studied;
  5. Understand and analyze the behaviour of monuments, ensembles and sites as complex systems;
  6. Diagnose intrinsic and extrinsic causes of decay as a basis for appropriate action;
  7. Inspect and make reports intelligible to non-specialist readers of monuments, ensembles or sites, illustrated by graphic means such as sketches and photographs;
  8. Know, understand and apply UNESCO conventions and recommendations, and ICOMOS and other recognized Charters, regulations and guidelines;
  9. Make balanced judgements based on shared ethical principles, and accept responsibility for the long-term welfare of cultural heritage;
  10. Recognize when advice must be sought and define the areas of need of study by different specialists, e.g. wall paintings, sculpture and objects of artistic and historical value, and/or studies of materials and systems;
  11. Give expert advice on maintenance strategies, management policies and the policy framework for environmental protection and preservation of monuments and their contents, and sites;
  12. Document works executed and make same accessible;
  13. Work in multi-disciplinary groups using sound methods;
  14. Be able to work with inhabitants, administrators and planners to resolve conflicts and to develop conservation strategies appropriate to local needs, abilities and resources;

a. Reading and Identifying

UNESCO World Heritage Centre
European Association of Historic Towns and Regions
English Heritage Scheduled Monuments
English Heritage Listed Buildings
English Heritage Criteria for Listing
English Heritage Introductions to Heritage Assets
English Heritage Selection guides for buildings and structures
Designated Datasets held by English Heritage
The Significance of Monuments (Neolithic and Bronze Age)
Scotland map-based information
Looking at Buildings Glossary
Building Archaeology Research Database Illustrated Glossary
Domestic Buildings Research Group (Surrey) Illustrated glossary of architectural terms
Glossary of terms relating to sustainable building
RIBA How We Built Britain Glossary
BBC Homes Glossary
Bristol 'Know Your Place' map-based information

b. Understand the monument or site

World Heritage Manual 1: Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites
English Heritage Professional Advice
Research News
Informed Conservation
Research reports
Conservation Bulletin
Historic Scotland Technical Knowledge Base
Technical Publications
Technical Advice Notes
Guide for Practitioners
DOE Northern Ireland Environment Agency Technical Notes
Buildings Advice
Natural Stone Database for Northern Ireland
US National Parks Service Technical Preservation Services: Preservation Briefs + Technical Notes: Free publications
Technological Requirements for Solutions in the Conservation and Protection of Historic Monuments and Archaeological Remains
Researching the history of a war memorial

c. Understand settings

Historic Scotland Setting
English Heritage Parks and Gardens Designation Criteria
Archaeology Special Interest Group Newsletter Spring 2013 (Radar + Lidar)
English Heritage Archive of 1 million entries of photographs, plans and drawings
Aerofilms collection of aerial photographs from 1919-1953
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Scotland's national collection of 15 million drawings, photographs and manuscripts
UK's leading on-line resource for historic parks and gardens
Historic Landscape Characterisation in Ireland: Best Practice Guidance
Air and Earth Aerial Archaeology in Ireland

d. Find sources of information

English Heritage National Heritage List for England
Heritage Gateway: information on England's historic sites and buildings
The Georgian Group is dedicated to preserving Georgian buildings and gardens
The Victorian Society campaigns for Victorian and Edwardian buildings
C20 Society campaigns for twentieth century architecture
Domestic Buildings Research Group (Surrey)
HTBG is concerned with the past, present and future of historic farm buildings
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings - Mills Section
Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group and their publications
National Heritage Ironwork Group
V&A Conservation of Stone and Plaster
BRE Heritage buildings, stone and masonry
Caring for your Home
IHBC Conservation Wiki

e. Understand the behaviour of monuments and sites as systems

Cathedral Communications Ltd
The following are a selection of the many articles available from this site

Brickwork: Historic Development, Decay, Conservation and Repair: Gerard Lynch
Ornamental Cast Iron: David Mitchell
Cathodic Protection of Iron and Steel David Farrell, Kevin Davies and Iain McCaig
The Repair of Reinforced Concrete: John Broomfield
Copper Sheet Roofing: Jonathan Goode
Conserving Decorative Plaster: Richard Ireland
Earth Buildings and Their Repair: Dirk Bouwens
Victorian and Edwardian Geometric and Encaustic Floor Tiles: Peter Thompson
Flint and the Conservation of Flint Buildings: John Ashurst and Gerry Williams
Repairs to Lead Sheet Roofing and Flashings: F C Coote
Lime: The Basics: Jonathan Taylor
Pointing with Lime: Craig Frew
Lime Plaster and Render Reinforcement: Bob Bennett
Paint, Wood and Weather: Colin Mitchell-Rose
Papier Mache: Harriet Hawkes
Sourcing Roofing Slates: Terry Hughes
Soluble Salts in Masonry: Catherine Woolfitt
Exterior Stucco: Ian Constantinides and Lynne Humphries
Vertical Tile Hanging: Stephen Rickards
Assessing Timber-Framed Structures: Jeff Stott
Thatch in the 21st Century: Clive Fewins
Guidance on Matching Terracotta: Steven Handforth

f. Diagnose causes of decay

ICOMOS-ISCS: Illustrated glossary on stone deterioration
Timber Glossary (Australia)
Weather tightness: Guide to the Diagnosis of Leaky Buildings (New Zealand)
Managing Disaster Risks for World Heritage
ICOMOS Risk Preparedness Heritage at Risk: Bibliography
Docomomo Modern Movement Preservation Technology Dossiers
The Twentieth Century Society C20 Journal and Magazine
English Heritage Practical Building Conservation Revised Series
Survey and technical analysis: a must for understanding monuments
NIEA The conservation of scheduled masonry monuments
Historic Preservation: Support for Retrofits of Older and Historic Buildings (USA)
Caring for your Home

g. Inspections and reports

Guide for Practitioners 4 Measured Survey and Building Recording for Historic Buildings and Structure (Free Download)
How to write Conservation Reports
Church Care Conservation reports
Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society A step-by-step Survey Guide for Historic Buildings
RICS Building Survey Practice Note (Home survey)
English Heritage Surveying Your Property
English Heritage Understanding the Archaeology of Landscapes (4-part pdf)
Heritage Building Maintenance Manual (Manitoba Canada)
Caring for your Home

h. Applying UNESCO and ICOMOS charters

Athens Charter (1931)
Venice Charter (1964)
Appleton Charter (1983)
Nara Document on Authenticity (1994)
Burra Charter (1981 Revised 1999)

Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972)
European Charter of the Architectural Heritage (1975)
Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe (1985)
European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (Revised)(1992)
European Cultural Convention (1954)
London European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (1969)
Florence European Landscape Convention (2000)
Faro Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (2005)
Valleta European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (2009)
Granada Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe (2009)

Council of Europe Recommendations
CoE Recommendation R (86) 15 Promotion of Craft Trades Involved in the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage
CoE Recommendation R (88) 5 Control of Physical Deterioration of the Architectural Heritage Accelerated by Pollution
CoE Recommendation R (89) 5 Protection and Enhancement of the Archaeological Heritage in the Context of Town And Country Planning Operations
CoE Recommendation R (89) 6 Protection and Enhancement of the Rural Architectural Heritage
CoE Resolution 916 (1989) Redundant Religious Buildings
CoE Recommendation R (90) 20 Protection and Conservation of the Industrial, Technical and Civil Engineering Heritage
CoE Recommendation R (91) 6 Measures Likely to Promote the Funding of the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage
CoE Recommendation R (91) 13 Protection of the Twentieth-Century Architectural Heritage
CoE Recommendation R (93) 9 Protection of the Architectural Heritage Against Natural Disasters
CoE Recommendation R (95) 3 Co-Ordinating Documentation Methods and Systems Related to Historic Buildings and Monuments of the Architectural Heritage
CoE Recommendation R (95) 9 Integrated Conservation Of Cultural Landscape Areas
CoE Recommendation R (97) 2 Sustained Care of the Cultural Heritage Against Physical Deterioration Due to Pollution and Other Similar Factors
CoE Resolution 98 (2000) 1 Historic Towns in Europe
CoE Recommendation 1484 (2000) Management of Cathedrals and Other Major Religious Buildings in Use
CoE Recommendation 1485 (2000) Disused Hospitals and Military Buildings
CoE Recommendation 1486 (2000) Maritime and Fluvial Cultural Heritage

SPAB Manifesto
BS7913: 1998 (To purchase a Copy)
SPAB Repair of Ancient Buildings A. R. Powys (3rd Ed)
Viollet-le-Duc Dictionary Of French Architecture

i. Making judgements

Cultural Heritage Identity Card EU-CHIC ICON Conservation Register Treatment reports
A History of Architectural Conservation: Jukka Jokilehto
The Conservation Movement: A History of Architectural Preservation: Miles Glendinning
Scottish Government Built & Cultural Heritage Priorities: Argyll and Moray & Grampian
Finland Built Heritage and Cultural Environment
Guidelines for Sustainable Cultural Tourism in Historic Towns and Cities

j. When to get further advice

ICON Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Earth Sciences Education Unit Virtual Rock Kit
Getty Conservation Institute Conserving Twentieth-Century Built Heritage Bibliography
EC DG Research Preserving our Heritage, Improving our Environment
Advanced Research Centre for Cultural Heritage Interdisciplinary Projects
Getty Conservation Institute: Terra Bibliography 2002
ICOM-CC Metals Working Group

k. Maintenance strategies

Maintenance requirements
Putting it Off
Monumentenwacht Nederlands
Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant
Prevention Better than Cure!
Maintenance Checklist
Maintaining Your Hone
COST Action C5 Urban Heritage: Building Maintenance
How to Write a Conservation Statement and Conservation Management Plan
Conservation Plans Benefit or Burden?
Conservation Plans: a guide for the perplexed
HLF Conservation plan guidance
Guidance for the Care, Conservation and Recording of Historic Graveyards

l. Document and record

Record Making and the Historic Environment
English Heritage Archive
Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
RCAHMS Canmore
Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
Beijing Declaration 2008: Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Digital Heritage and Art
Documenting Maintenance And Repair Works (Heritage Victoria, Australia)
Getty Conservation Institute Documenting Our Past for the Future
Forum on Information Standards in Heritage
3D Technology Research Challenges for the Digital Anastylosis of Ancient Monuments Illustrated by means of the Octagon in Ephesos
ADS Guides to Good Practice

m. Multi-disciplinary working

Historic Environment Local Management
COTAC Practitioner support for building conservation accreditation
Multidisciplinary Conservation: A Holistic View For Historic Interiors: ICOM
The Manual of Surveying Instructions (USA 1973)
ICOM Multidisciplinary Conservation: A Holistic View for Historic Interiors
SAVE Britain's Heritage

n. Working with local groups

The Role of Historic Buildings in Urban Regeneration
Guidelines and standards
Guide for Practitioners 6 Conversion of Traditional Buildings application of the Scottish Building Standards (Free Download)
Conservation Area Maintenance Guide (East Ayrshire)
Integrated management of historic Towns: HERO Guidebook
Walled towns, cities and fortified historic towns
Historic Preservation: A Significant Source of Local Jobs (USA)
Heritage In Conflict Critical Analysis of Approaches to Built Heritage in the Old City of Al Quds/Jerusalem
Funds for Historic Buildings
Racial Justice Alternative Funding and Advice
Architectural Heritage Fund
Heritage Lottery Fund

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